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By trip to kyiv


Explore the diversity of Ukraine's metropolises from North to South, East to West by plane, train or automobile.
    Located just 2 hours by road from Kyiv, the small, welcoming city of Chernihiv is underrated. In the medieval era, this city was as important as Kyiv in religious and cultural terms, with the many golden-domed churches being testament to this. Visit the St Anthony Caves and Trinity Monastery and discover just why the city's epicentre is called Pretty Square.
    Kamyanets Podilsky, entirely surrounded by a National Park of outstanding natural beauty, is green, majestic and bursting full of stories. Experience the local hospitality, bathe in the river, photograpg the sun descend behind flow as you try bridge jumping or hot air balloon flight in an idyllic setting.
    Kamyanets is everyone's Ukrainian fairytale.
    Chernivtsi, famed for its multicoloured streets and magical UNESCO world heritage university, is the final frontier between Ukraine and its western and southern neighbours. Chernivtsi means culture and this bustling city is the perfect gateway to the Pre-Carpathian region.
    Ukraine's second metropolis is home to biggest central square in Europe, Ukraine's biggest zoo, the 50th parallel and one of the world's most scenic cable car journeys.
    Explore all this and more in this city of grandeur.