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Whether you are staying in Kyiv or Lviv, there is a great opportunity to visit Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. This is a whole-year destination beautiful in each season with various activities and increadible views to offer.
Here you can have both a calm family rest or try adventurous activities like hiking, rafting trips, skiing or snowboarding, various outdoor activities including horse riding, enjoying hot vats in winter and much more.
We will be glad to customise a private tour for you lasting from 2 to 7 days.
    Our private professional guides speak your language and will be your rock during adventures in the Carpathians, while hiking, meeting local people and will always guide you to the best panorama viewpoints of the region.
    This is usually a 5 days 4 nights trip available for the groups travelling from Kyiv or Lviv.
    During the jeep tour you will do hiking, have breathtaking panorama views lunches and enjoy KOSINO – a modern recreational complex located among the 200-year-old oak grove in the picturesque Beregivshchyna.
    Private wooden houses, cottages

    Meals at the hotels
    We are here to customize your Carpathian Mountains trip with camping in its magnificent woods - this can be combined in a special program based on your personal travel plan and requirements.